Organizing Your Website Content: Page-by-Page Instructions for the Best Web Copy

Let’s try an experiment.

Head to your company or business website.
Put on the “hat” of a customer or client.
Decide what it is you need to locate on the site.
As you scroll around the home page, are you absolutely sure where to find the information you are looking for?

Or, do you find yourself randomly clicking, just hoping you’ll bump into the information.

It’s OK. That’s why we do what we do.

Knowing how to organize your website content in a way that enables your visitors to find exactly what they need should be a high priority. And perhaps it is . . . only, you’re not sure where to start.

Let’s break it down for you…and we even provided some. handy examples.


A Home Page provides the blueprint for every other page on your site and is the starting point for visitors. From here, they can see, not only the overall design and layout (which should be cohesive throughout the site) but this page serves as the main hub from which they can find what they are looking for during their visit. This first glance welcomes visitors, establishes credibility, directs users to services or products, and builds trust. So make a solid first impression! The HOME PAGE is the hook! Catch them here, and they’ll pursue your site further.

From the Home Page, there should be no question as to where a visitor needs to head to find the information they need. So, while you’re wearing that “customer hat”, ask yourself . . . is the site clear and intuitive? Does it pique my interest? Do I understand where to head next? If not . . . we have work to do!

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It is interesting how many sites seem to leave off the “About” page. When someone calls, we naturally ask, “May I ask who’s calling, please?” The same goes for your website. If your company is new, either in terms of just opening, or new to the visitor, sharing a short bio, company history, and a few interesting facts or stories about you and/or the business creates a connection and increases a visitor’s confidence in what you have to offer. Now is not the time to be shy! The information shared on your ABOUT PAGE should lead the visitor to click, “Contact”. (Did you catch that? You’re going to need a CONTACT PAGE.)

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This is the place where you begin to generate leads! You should be celebrating the fact that they entered their info to chat further with you. This is also the place where if a follow-up system isn’t in place to connect with those leads, you are leaving money on the table. People want to know their email went through. If they offer up their email address or phone number, they want to hear back from you. So, upon creating a CONTACT PAGE, be sure to have a solid system to follow up with potential customers – and let them know they will hear from you soon! And while they’re waiting, they can peruse your page of products and services, so be sure to guide them there in the confirmation message they receive after filling out your contact form.

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Depending on your type of business, you may also want to be very creative with what type of additional pages you included on your website. We’ve even created a FREE Content Guide as a visual to help you create a website that people will return to over and over.

Think about it.

Maybe your site should include a page for your MENU (say, if you are a food business), LOCATIONS (if you have several), TEAM (again, connection, connection, connection), or even UPCOMING EVENTS. This is where we can help you – we brainstorm your website’s goals and choose pages that will reach those goals!. For example, if we know people will want to see the RESULTS of your services, let’s make sure that page is front and center, and let’s highlight your accomplishments and past testimonials in clear, concise, and confident copy!

Want to see how we assist our clients in creating thoughtful website pages with copy that encourages the visitor to keep clicking? Download our exclusive Content Guide here and get ready to watch your site transform!

A well-thought-out website isn’t just pretty. It serves as the map by which potential customers become returning customers. And isn’t that something we all want?

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