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Our 5-page Quick Launch templates are created from scratch by our BDG design team and developed using the same WordPress functionality and plug-ins that we use on our custom websites at a much lower price and one week turnaround!

Happy Clients

THE LIve donor project

Quick Launch Website for a Cause

Centered Lily

Psychologist and Coach

Smitn Coaching

Life and Executive Coaching

PT Learning for practice

Continuing Education

The Live Donor Project

Quick Launch Website  |  Mystery Branding  |  Business Card Design
Check out our latest creation for The Live Donor Project! We whipped up a slick, Quick Launch website in just a week, complete with an easy-breezy donation feature to help them keep saving lives. Plus, we jazzed things up with a snazzy Mystery Branding package and some sharp business cards. Take a peek at the gallery below to see how we bring big ideas to life, fast and with style!

Centered Lily

Quick Launch Website  |  Business Card Design
Say hello to simplicity with style at Centered Lily! We launched their sleek website in a snap, focusing purely on what they do best. But that’s not all—Centered Lily loved our work so much, they came back for some chic business cards to match their elegant online presence. Take a look below and see how we make clean and fast look fabulous!

Smitn Coaching

Quick Launch Website
Welcome to the minimalist masterpiece we crafted for Smitn Coaching! Embracing elegance and subtlety, this website features chic, custom details like unique bullet points and tasteful gold accents inspired by gold foil letterpress—think sophistication, not flashy. A touch of magic comes alive with subtle hover animations, enhancing the user experience without overwhelming. Dive into the gallery below to see how we’ve transformed subtle into stunning, proving that less really can be more.

PT Learning for Practice

Quick Launch Website  |  eCommerce Add-on  |  Events Calendar Add-on  |  Blog Add-on
Step into the educational hub we created for PT Learning for Practice, where pediatric physical therapists find their next level of expertise. We built a clean, user-friendly website that not only showcases the client’s impressive credentials but also clearly highlights the benefits of their courses. With personal touches like a cherished photo of Pittsburgh, taken by Joe himself, this site is as inviting as it is informative. Check out the gallery below to see how we’ve designed a space that helps therapists expand their skills efficiently and affordably.

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