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Web Design, Development, and Maintenance keep your customers knocking!

Whether you need a makeover or a new site, our web design experts will get your site looking spiffy while helping you create a strong online presence.

Web Design + Development

Get ahead of the online pack.

Did you know that there are close to two billion websites out there?

No pressure, but… your website needs to be on point and folks need to be able to find it in the super-crowded online marketplace.

Whether you need a makeover or a new site, our creative and development experts will get your site looking spiffy and pro while setting you up for digital marketing success with our tried and true process! We’ll help you tackle everything from copy and design to SEO and launch strategy.

Your website design makes an immediate impression.

It informs your viewers of your brand and educates them on your offerings. And it just may be the first touchpoint a potential customer has with your business. Let’s knock their cyber socks off! 

Still not convinced? Let’s find out if hiring a web developer is a waste of money.

Quick Launch Websites

Elevate your brand quickly with our express website service, delivering custom, impactful sites in just a week.

Website Audit

Elevate your online presence through a detailed, action-oriented web audit designed for tangible results.

Custom Web Design

Designing tailor-made websites that stand out in the digital crowd, perfectly aligned with your brand’s identity.

Web Maintenance

Secure, update, and optimize your digital presence with our thorough web maintenance services.

Want a website in a week?

Quick Launch Websites

starting at $2,500

This affordable website is perfect for a business with a limited budget, a short timeline, and a willingness to stay within layout parameters. But, don’t worry, editing is easy so you can do it yourself when you’re ready to grow or come back to us. We’re not going anywhere.

starting at $2,500


Prefer something in the middle?

Semi-Custom Website

starting at $5,000

Love the idea of a Quick Launch website but need just a bit more flexibility? Look no further. The Semi-Custom site is built using the layout from Quick Launch with the ability to be a little more fluid with your content needs. Want to add more images? Sure! Need 4 columns instead of 3? Absolutely!

starting at $5,000


Need freedom on every page?

Full Custom Websites

starting at $7,500

We start with design to make sure you love the look of every page template; then move to development to make sure the site works for you on the backend and your customers on the frontend. We hand over tutorials but we don’t leave your side during your 10-day bug-fix window.

starting at $7,500

At Brkich Design Group, we’re proud of our diverse portfolio of clients that includes everything from toy stores and technology, to cafes and fashion boutiques, and more.

Our Website Packages

Our range of website packages are tailored to fit every business. From Quick Launch Websites for rapid deployment to Semi-Custom options that offer more flexibility, and Full Custom solutions for a completely unique online presence.
The following chart is best viewed from a laptop or desktop. If you must view it from your mobile device, turn it into horizontal mode and squint really hard 😉
  • Quick Launch
  • Semi-Custom
  • Full Custom

This package is for you if...
Quick LaunchSemi-Custom
Full Custom

This package is for you if... need a quick turnaround website and don't mind conforming to a pre-designed structure developed by us in advance!'d like to add a few extra touches or customizations to the Quick Launch layout, or need additional pages. have site functionality requirements or want freedom in your customization.
Website Structure & Layout
The Quick Launch package offers a templated WordPress website that allows customization of fonts, colors, images, and illustrations to align with your brand, while adhering to a predefined structure.

The Semi-Custom package builds on our Quick Launch template by adding flexibility with the addition of up to 5 new sections and 5 extra pages

Choose the Full Custom package for a completely unique website built from scratch to accommodate any content without limitations. This package includes up to 15 pages, designed exclusively to suit your specific brand and content requirements.
(designed by BDG)
Flexible template-based
(designed by BDG)

Includes up to 5 add’l sections to fit your specific content needs.
100% Custom Built
Customization Level
Match your brand with images, illustrations, colors, fonts and logos.

Brand Matching plus up to five additional content sections not included in QL package.

Full custom design, added functionality and more. Contact us today!
Visual Design
Design Consultation:
Meet with your entire project team during your Kickoff Call

Style Guide:
Images, fonts and colors

Custom inspiration boards we develop together

UI Kit:
Design elements, including buttons, form components, status bars

Design Prototype:
Clickable designs to visualize the final developed site

For a full list of terms and their definitions, click here.
Design Consultation
Style Guide
Design Consultation
Style Guide
Design Prototype
Design Consultation
Two Moodboard choices
Style Guide + UI Kit
Website Wireframe
Design Prototype
Video Meetings
Our web packages begin with an initial Project Kickoff call which includes a Design Consultation.

As we move into the Full Custom package, we have many more touchpoints.
Project KickoffProject Kickoff w/ Sitemap Planning
Design Review
Project Kickoff
Sitemap Call
Design Review
Staging Site Review
Number of design revisions
Once your website moves to development, only small edits may be made, such as links and minor text changes.
Number of web pages
The number of pages included in your initial web build, but don't worry, you can add more yourself later or call us to help!
Stock Images Included
Send us your brand images, but we'll round out your design with stock images as well!
Extra Pages Included - free of charge
Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Thank You (after contact form submission) and 404 pages included
Favicon and Social Icon Links
Responsive design
Google Map
Includes your business address, zooming capabilities and more right from your contact page
Installation of Standard Plugins
SEO, Image Optimization, Page Speed Optimization
Website Training Videos
Access to online web training videos or free training with a maintenance contract
Traffic Tracking
Integration with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools
Design Consultation
Meet with our design team to discuss website look and feel and review findings from our research.
Clickable Design Mock-up
If included, you will see all top level navigation pages in a clickable design format before going to development.
Project Specialist
Your project manager will serve as a liaison between you and the design and development team, giving you a more personalized experience.
See what visitors do on your website and where they get stuck.
Design Customization of Thank you and 404 Pages
Keep all pages of your site on brand and insert your personality throughout your site.
Copy Polish
1 round of text editing on up to 15 pages of your site. Minor tweaks and content suggestions.
Website Hosting Option
You’ll own your website hosting, but we’ll help you set it up. As the packages get more custom, the hosting options get more flexible. But, please, no GoDaddy.
Siteground or WPEngineSiteground or WPEngine or approved WordPress-managed hosting optionSiteground or WPEngine or approved WordPress-managed hosting option
Turnaround Time1 week4 weeks16+ weeks
starting at


starting at


starting at


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Website Add-ons

Boost your Quick Launch or Semi-Custom website with our exclusive add-ons. Choose from a Media Page, Events Calendar, or an Integrated Blog, to enhance functionality and engage your audience more effectively.



Our Media Page add-on showcases your multimedia content in one spot. It’s responsive and adaptable, ensuring your visuals always look their best.​​



Streamline event management with our Events Calendar add-on. Visitors can view, register, and buy tickets directly, all styled to match your brand.​



Elevate your site’s impact with a Blog, ideal for sharing insights and boosting SEO. It’s user-friendly and customizable, perfect for maintaining fresh content.​



E-commerce shops integrate smoothly with your site with secure payments, inventory management, and more.

The four add-ons below are crafted to align seamlessly with your brand’s visual identity, adapting colors, fonts, and images to complement the rest of your site. These add-ons are designed to integrate smoothly because of their fixed structures and will ensure consistency and efficiency in your website deployment.
Quick Launch Website: One Week Websites - eCommerce Add-on

e-Commerce Add-on

Open Your Online Storefront with our Integrated Shopping Solution

This package is all you need to sell physical or digital products on your WordPress website using the WooCommerce eCommerce platform.

Features + Benefits:

  • Seamless Checkout: Provide a smooth and quick checkout experience to reduce cart abandonment and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Advanced Security Features: Ensure customer data is secure with top-level encryption and security protocols.
  • Inventory and Order Management: Easily manage products, track inventory levels, and view order history directly from your dashboard.
  • Flexible Payment Solutions: Support multiple payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, and other digital wallets.
  • Increased Conversion Rates: A streamlined shopping cart interface encourages more purchases and higher customer retention.
  • Enhanced Customer Trust: Secure payment solutions and a professional checkout experience build customer confidence in your brand.
  • Greater Operational Efficiency: Integrated management tools save time and reduce errors.


  • Products: Up to 10 physical or digital products imported from an approved spreadsheet including name, price, and description.* (Your store can hold an unlimited amount, but we will import 10.)
  • Product Options: Up to 2 variations per product imported (eg. size or color, WooCommerce can handle more, but we will import two.)
  • Payment: Accept PayPal, Stripe, or Square.
  • Designed e-Commerce Pages: Shop, Cart, Check-out, and Single Product pages styled (fonts, colors) to match the QL template of your choice.
  • Customer accounts: Customers can create accounts or use guest checkout.
  • Tax calculations: For a single nexus
  • Shipping: Free or flat-rate shipping included (item can be BOTH free and flat rate: eg. $5 per item, with free shipping for orders over $50)
  • Inventory management: Toggle inventory management on or off for different types of products, configure out-of-stock notifications, and more!
  • Reporting: Easily track your sales on the back end of your website. Configurable reports for Orders, Customers, Stock, and Taxes to view or export.

Required Plug-ins:

  • WooCommerce: (free)
  • Payment Gateway: Stripe, Paypal, or Square (free)
  • WooTax: (free)
Quick Launch Website: One Week Websites - Events Calendar Add-on

Events Calendar

Our Events Calendar Add-On, powered by The Events Calendar for WordPress, is an essential tool for any business or organization hosting events. This plug-in offers a robust solution for managing and displaying events in list and calendar views, making it easy for visitors to find and engage with your events.

Features + Benefits:

  • Dual Display Options: Choose between traditional calendar or a list view to display your events.
  • Automatic Updates: Events update dynamically, ensuring your audience has access to the latest schedule.
  • Integration Ease: Seamlessly integrates with WordPress, utilizing the out-of-the-box functionality of The Events Calendar without custom design.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Manage your events with an intuitive backend interface that makes adding and editing events straightforward.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Provides a clear and convenient way for visitors to view upcoming events, increasing engagement.
  • Reliable Functionality: Utilizes the well-supported and regularly updated The Events Calendar plugin, ensuring stability and continuity.


  • Event Setup: Includes up to 10 events at site launch.
  • Time Zone Setup: Set the time zone for your events and keep everyone on the same schedule.
  • Initial Layout: We’ll set up list or calendar view and show you how to toggle between the two.
  • Featured Events: We can shine a spotlight on specific events to drive engagement and increase attendance.
  • Recurring Events: Set up monthly, weekly, and custom recurring events take the busywork out of calendar management.

Required Plug-ins:

  • Events Calendar Pro: ($99/year)

Note: Sorting and filtering are not included in this base add-on package.


Quick Launch Website: One Week Websites - Blog Add-on

Integrated Blog

Enhance Your Site with a Dynamic Blogging Platform

Elevate your online presence by integrating a seamless Integrated Blog Add-On perfect for businesses looking to engage with their audience through regular updates, informative posts, and interactive comments.

Features + Benefits:

  • Easy Content Creation: Utilize a user-friendly editor to craft and publish your blog posts with ease.
  • SEO Optimization: Boost your site’s visibility with built-in SEO tools that help your content rank higher in search results.
  • Social Media Integration: Automatically share posts to your social media channels and increase your reach.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: Keep your audience returning to your site for fresh content and interacting with your brand.
  • Increased Visibility: Regular content updates improve SEO, helping attract new visitors through organic search.
  • Stronger Brand Identity: Share your expertise and insights, establishing your brand as a leader in your industry.


  • Publishing Tools: create drafts, schedule publication, categorize posts, review post revisions, password-protect pages and more
  • Real-time SEO Guidance: control how you appear in search results with page-specific meta descriptions, page titles, and real-time content quality feedback
  • Built-in Comment System: facilitate discussions and moderate user comments on posts, pages, and custom content
  • Content Upload: up to 5 blogs included in the launch of the site (from your content) with easy-to-add blog capabilities for you
  • Content Organization: up to 5 tags and 5 categories are included for content organization
  • Templated Designs: 3 templates included: archive, single post, category pages
Quick Launch Website: One Week Websites - Media Page Add-on

Media Page Add-on

Elevate Your Website with Interactive Media

Enhance your online presence with our versatile Media Page Add-On. Perfect for photographers, artists, and businesses, this feature allows you to display photos, videos, and portfolios in a stylish, professional manner.

Features + Benefits:

  • Interactive Lightbox: Click any gallery item to expand it into a full-screen lightbox, offering an immersive view without leaving the page.
  • Flexible Gallery Options: Customize the media page as a photo gallery, video showcase, or portfolio.
  • Seamless Integration: Maintains consistency with your site’s design and is fully responsive across all devices.
  • Easy Content Management: Update your portfolio effortlessly, without the need to create new pages for each item.
  • Improved User Engagement: The lightbox enhances the viewing experience, encouraging visitors to explore your content in depth.
  • Professional Look: Showcases your media in a layout that highlights its quality, enhancing your site’s professional appeal.
Quick Launch Website: One Week Websites

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