Ramsay Corporation

Hiring for a position and want to ensure your candidate has the skills and aptitude necessary for the job? Ramsay Corporation helps companies do just that by providing no-frills, analytical/straightforward tests to assist businesses with their hiring process.

Only . . . no-frills also described Ramsay’s website which hadn’t been updated in quite some time. And as straightforward as their tests were, their site couldn’t be described as such, with a website so full of valuable information that a clean and simple solution was absolutely necessary. 

Brkich Design knows clean and simple and got to work visually organizing their tests via their “Product Catalog” page in a much more user-friendly presentation. On the Homepage, which is non-traditional for a website, two blocks presenting either Assessments or an HR Consulting Database added to the site’s clarity – helping the visitors get right to the information they need. Scrolling down the page, and keeping with the streamlined approach, further assessments for Job skills, Aptitude, Basic Skills, and People skills are now easily located and accessible. 

It’s clear that Ramsey’s site is meant to direct visitors exactly to the test required without having to search and scroll. And now, it does just that.

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