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Hey there, small business friend! Have you ever thought, “I really wish I had a website developer on my team but I can’t really afford it at this time!”? Or maybe you’re thinking, “I need a friendly, trustworthy team to call when I need to add to my team without having to hire a full- or part-time employee!”

Fear not, friend!

We have JUST the service for you. We specialize in working with small businesses—making us very familiar with the struggles and limitations that you’re used to. How would you like to add to your team on an as-needed basis without having to hire an employee or get into a lengthy and expensive agency contract?! Better yet, what if we agreed upfront on a list of tasks, improvements, and fixes and got everything completed in JUST ONE DAY?

But, no worries, friend, you can bring us those complex projects too and hire us for up to 5 Dev Days in a row! Imagine having a web developer on staff….for just 5 days! What could you accomplish?

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Add a Developer to your team for the Day (or half-day) with our VIP Dev Days!

First, we’ll start with you sending us your list of development tasks or problem areas along with your application. But, don’t worry, we’ll meet with you online before your Dev Day to review your requests and determine your development needs. When your dev day is here, we get to work! By the end of the day or days, you’ll have all those quirky website issues fixed and be on your way to digital marketing success!

Depending on your website structure, here are a few problems you could solve on a half, full, or even multiple development days:

  • WordPress software updates
  • Plug-in updates
  • Tweaks to your homepage or pages on your site
  • ADA Compliance Updates
  • Connecting Google Analytics or another tracking plug-in
  • Even a new piece of website functionality. A few add-on examples are:
    • Event Calendar
    • Testimonial widget
    • Contact form
    • Newsletter signup
    • Donation Button + Form
    • Online Scheduler

Your Dev Day Package looks like this:

  • Before your Dev Day: We receive your application form and any log-ins we need.
  • A few days before your development day: You and your developer jump on a video call to discuss what you hope to accomplish and iron out the details.
  • Morning of: You’ll hear from our project manager and receive the development day schedule and update and additional questions we may have.
  • Morning after your Dev Day(s) are complete: You’ll receive an email with the completed items and any new bugs or suggestions we’ve discovered along with any video trainings, if needed.
  • After your Dev Day: You’ll be clicking your heels and breezing through your website. Wasn’t that easy?

Not sure if your project will work for a Dev Day? Schedule a free consult here and let us know what you had in mind. We’ll let you know if it’s a good fit!

*From time to time, we discover issues or additional problem areas as we work around your site. If those issues don’t stop us from doing the job we agreed upon, we will move forward. If they pose a problem, we will let you know and give you an additional time estimate needed in order to complete our work.

We can assess and provide recommendations for websites that aren’t built in WordPress, but we only develop and make changes to websites that are built with WordPress.

Additional information

How much time do you need?

Half-Day (3 dev hours), Full-Day (6 dev hours), 2 Dev Days (12 dev hours), 3 Dev Days (18 dev hours), 4 Dev Days (24 dev hours), 5 Dev Days (30 dev hours)

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