Start small, grow when you’re ready.


Start small, grow when you’re ready.

Get moving with a Quick Launch Website. Your future self will thank you.

Our 5-page Quick Launch templates are created from scratch by our BDG design team and developed using the same WordPress functionality and plug-ins that we use on our custom websites. 

That means your site will be ready to grow when you are.

Professional Customization

Our Design Team will make sure your 5-page site looks top-notch.

Endless Flexibility

Change, add, and update your site any time you like — it’s 100% yours!

Bug-fix Window

After your site launches, we won’t leave you hanging.

Video Trainings

We’ll give you the know-how you need to update the site on your own.

A straightforward process with minimal back-and-forth.

Quick Launch Websites - Custom WordPress Website Templates done for you!

Here’s what you’ll need to contribute:

Three custom templates. Take your pick.


C.J. Lawn service

Main street garden

So flexible, they’ll never know it was a template.

Quick Launch Websites - Custom WordPress Website Templates done for you!

Sound good? We can start in as little as 2 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Quick Launch Website Process

Do I have to be available for my Quick Launch Week?

Yes, for sure. We have lots to do in just a week so we’ll have to be ready to communicate and collaborate every day.

What information will I need to provide?

Here’s the list of what you’ll need to provide: Domain and hosting access, privacy policy, terms and conditions, social media links, contact form email and success message, cookie popup message, photos and illustrations, logo and brand elements, and website copy.

Can you show me a sample timeline?

Of course! The more info you have, the better!


  • Purchase your Quick Launch Site – It’s super easy to do this on our site.
  • Fill out your onboarding forms. – You’ll need to know your domain and hosting information for this! Need help?
  • Upload your photos, brand elements, and logo. – If you don’t have these, don’t worry.

Today is all about writing. You can fill out our Quick Launch Copy form all on your own, or we can work together if you need some help. Either way, it’s gotta get done today!

If your visual brand is already established, we’ll translate that into your web style guide lickety split. If not, our design team will put together a cohesive color palette, font selection, and image style for you. Then, you’ll review and approve our choices.


Here’s the fun part! Now that the copy and web style are finished, our design team will use that information to create your website prototype. This shows us what the finished website will look like before we move to development. You’ll get to review and approve this. Make sure you review carefully! This is your only chance to make changes to the site until after it’s launched and in your hands.


Your part is almost finished. Our development team will take the approved website prototype and work their magic. After they’re done, your site will be complete. Once the staging site is ready, you’ll get to check it over one more time for errors. You will not get to make copy, image, font, structure, or design changes at this point.


Woohoo! Now your site is live and you can show it off to your customers. We won’t leave you hanging, though. Your bug-fix window starts after launch so we can help you sort out any issues that may arise.


Can I change the structure of my Quick Launch website before it's launched?

Not before launch. The predetermined structure is why Quick Launch is so quick! After your site is launched, though, you can change anything anytime you like.

Will I get help writing my website copy?

Before your Quick Launch week arrives, you send us what you have for website copy, but don’t fret! During your kickoff call, we’ll help you work through any issues. If you need more help than that, we’re here for you. Check out our Content Clean-up offer here.

How do I understand my Web Style Guide?

We made a video about that! Check it out here.

WEBSITE Maintenance & Updates

Is there a recurring cost to maintain my website?

Yes. Like any website, you’ll have to pay yearly fees for your domain and hosting as well as any necessary plugins your website has. But, WordPress is free!

Will I have full access to my website?

Yep! Once your website is launched you’ll have full access to your website. You can change, add, delete, or update anything you like. It’s 100% yours!

Will I be able to add pages once my website is launched?

You know it! Quick Launch Websites are designed to grow with your business. You can add pages anytime. Training videos will be provided to show you how to make new pages from the existing templates on your site.

Still have questions? Ask away.

We created Quick Launch websites to allow businesses to start off on the right foot without getting locked into a website they don’t love!