Beaver County Bar Association

The Beaver County Bar Association sought a complete overhaul of their existing website to better serve their members and the public. Known for their exceptional organization and active engagement, the BCBA was an ideal client, providing detailed feedback throughout the process which facilitated a smooth and effective redesign.

The task of designing a new website from the ground up can be challenging, especially when it involves streamlining a large amount of content. The BCBA needed a website that was not only visually appealing but also functionally superior, making it easier for users to navigate and find necessary information without the clutter of unnecessary pages.


Our approach focused on decluttering the old site by strategically removing redundant pages and clearly defining the content for each section. We introduced a fresh, modern design aligned with the BCBA’s branding, updating the main color scheme to include complementary shades like tan, dark navy, and gray, while phasing out the original maroon.

Significantly, we revamped the Attorney Referral Plugin to enhance usability and maintenance. The new design simplified the user interface, making it more intuitive and accessible directly from the homepage, and we ensured it was easy for the BCBA staff to manage internally.


The newly designed website received highly positive feedback from BCBA members and the public. Its improved functionality, coupled with a sophisticated visual appeal, significantly enhanced user experience. The updated Attorney Referral Plugin, in particular, was noted for its ease of use and effectiveness, streamlining the process of connecting the public with legal resources.


This project exemplified the importance of client collaboration in creating a product that truly meets user needs. Our ability to incorporate detailed client feedback into a functional and aesthetically pleasing website design not only fulfilled the BCBA’s objectives but also set a new standard for their online presence.

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