Beaver County CED Annual Report Website

Annual reports don’t always get the reputation of being attractive, and yet the Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development needed a report that would catch the eye of a younger audience and keep them captivated enough to review the numbers and stats.

A website, rather than an “old-school” printed report was BDG’s solution for this ask. Using a one-page scroll sub-domain with a menu that jumps down to the different sections on the page, BDG woke up this report with a new color palette to compliment the CED logo, taking the whole idea of a spreadsheet into this century! To help keep the reader engaged and interested, movement, number counters, and interactive graphs were also incorporated into this design.

While digital annual reports aren’t necessarily common yet, we think our innovative approach will soon catch on as the wave of the future! And, hey, they liked it so much that we were able to do a version for 2020 and 2021. Check them out and let us know what you think!

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