Beaver County Corporation for Economic Development

What exactly does Beaver County look like in a logo? 

That was the pressing need of CED when they came to us with the request for a modern logo that resembled Beaver County. As fantastic-looking as both their main website (in process) and those of their annual reports (2020, 2021) are, the logo itself needed to up its game to keep up with those sites.

Speaking of CED’s website, it was “out with the old” fairly blank and purposeless site and in with the new! Featuring strong brand awareness, symbolic recognition (so visitors could clearly identify what CED is all about), and a commitment to building community, the new site will have all the feels: community-driven, knowledgeable, and a better representation of all the wonderful things happening in Beaver County. 

And yet, there was still that logo – that didn’t seem to fit.

Start with Keywords

Armed with keywords such as MODERN, RESPONSIBLE, FRIENDLY, EXPERTISE, and COMMUNITY-FOCUSED, we got to work.

Our final logo design houses all the elements within the geographical shape of Beaver County to communicate security, stability, and community, with land lines representing economic development. Water lines have been incorporated to represent the rivers in the county. A consistent line weight throughout creates a uniform, professional look. 

One of our favorite elements, a strong red upward-moving arrow (imitating a chart), reveals the continued growth in Beaver County, with navy blue and red infused to suggest reliability, trustworthiness, expertise, and seriousness. 

Now…make it cohesive!

Uniformity and consistency across all pieces: annual reports, website design, and logo are exactly what we love to do at BDG. And repeat clients such as CED always make us happy!

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