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Whether your products and services are game-changing, life-saving, palate-pleasing, burden-easing, or just plain old fun to use – we think your business is awesome and deserves a great marketing campaign. And we’re ready to help you shout your value from the mountaintops. Brkich Design Group is here to help!

But how can you focus on marketing when you’re busy running your business? And what if your budget is a little tight? And where do you even start?

Good questions!

Luckily, you don’t have to figure out all the answers on your own. Brkich Design Group is passionate about working with businesses like yours to develop the right approach for your unique needs and goals. Our creative team will get to the heart of your story and convey the distinct value of your offerings through captivating promotional tools. We’ll couple them with a strategic and actionable game plan to reach your audience, and who knows – you might just find yourself falling in love with marketing! Or not. And that’s just fine. We don’t mind doing the heavy lifting.

Power up with coaching

Since marketing is more of a marathon than a sprint, we understand you might need some ongoing help with planning, operational trouble-shooting, or systems streamlining. Cassie Brkich’s strategy coaching sessions will fuel you with positive energy while providing the knowledge, accountability, and expert guidance you need to stay focused and on track as you grow your business.

BDG marketing and coaching services include:

  • Brand & Content Audits

  • One-on-one Strategy Sessions

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Custom Systems & Tools

Current package offerings:

One-Time Strategy Session

It’s time to focus your marketing efforts.

Clarity. Direction. Purpose. Just a taste of what you’ll get through this two-hour, brainstorming and goal-setting get-together, designed to get you unstuck, focused, and moving in the right direction. Think of it as a starting point—a kick in the you-know-what to activate your brand and start to leverage its full potential. Afterwards, you’ll get a detailed snapshot that summarizes our chat and provides next steps for taking your business to the next level.


  • Time: Two hours
  • Location: Online
  • Deliverable: notes, suggestions and possible directions


Let’s Go!

Your Marketing Partner

Go with the flow.

Successful marketing is fluid. You develop a plan and put the wheels in motion, but almost every marketing plan needs fine-tuning along the way. Quarterly strategy sessions with our chief marketing expert allow you to review successes and discuss course corrections for the following quarter and have accountability along the way.


  • Time: Two hours per session, 5 sessions per year
  • Session 1: Target audience breakdown, opportunity analysis, deep dive into business opportunities
  • Session 2: Determination of key windows, brainstorm themes, items needed, activities
  • Sessions 3-5: Reevaluate for upcoming quarter(s), plan tactics as time allows
  • Location: Online or in-person (if possible)
  • Deliverable: Access to online system with completed marketing workbook, which includes a year-long marketing calendar to help keep your promotions organized
  • We are your partner! Contact us as needed for a creative jolt or just to bounce an idea off of us! We are here for you.*

$7,995/year (payment plans available)

* Package works best with a small design retainer to allow us to create brand imagery as needed for marketing materials. This package includes up to two hours a month of email strategy advice or copy-editing.

Get Started!

Collaborative Marketing Plan

It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.

Marketing may not be your forte, but it’s definitely ours. In order to create and implement the best plan of action for you, we will kick off our relationship with two collaborative strategy sessions, during which time we’ll brainstorm goals and visions for the future, develop a strategic marketing plan based on those goals, and determine how to measure the success of your plan. These two sessions will total four hours of face-to-face time, as well as behind-the-scenes research and development of ideas by the Brkich Design Group team.

Develop a strategic, actionable plan to grow your presence in the community and online, while staying true to your values and clients.


  • Session #1 – Brainstorm: We’ll discuss struggles and hold an open forum for genuine, unhindered brainstorming. We will all walk away with a shared understanding of your current mission, as well as goals and vision for the future.
  • Session #2 – Plan: Now that you know what you want to achieve, we will work with you to bring structure to those goals and ideas, essentially creating a strategic plan divided into achievable, bite-sized tasks.


  • 2-3 KPI (Key Performance Indicators) for measuring marketing success
  • Tools for easy tracking
  • 3-6 month marketing plan and focus


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