City of Beaver Falls

Community Branding at its Finest

When a design firm gets the opportunity to help a local community overhaul their full brand to better reflect just how cool they are, we hop to it. With a great big smile!

Beaver Falls wanted to upgrade their entire visual presence. Described as having “grit”, this city, north of Pittsburgh has been in the midst of incredible change over the last few years. With a new children’s museum, and networking space for entrepreneurs, it is an up and coming destination, which is a transformation from earlier years. To properly describe Beaver Falls, the branding had to depict energy and an upbeat disposition to reflect all that is new, and an authenticity to represent long-time residents. It’s a special place.

But, we are careful to limit the words ‘branding and logos’ when speaking to the community leaders. We don’t want to create overwhelm but simply help them determine and then communicate what makes Beaver Falls special.

We decided to go with two versions of their new logo: one full of color and one all in black (depending on how serious they want to be at the time). And underlining “FALLS is intentional. Not to be mistaken with Beaver (just down the road), Beaver FALLS is proud of that distinction and wanted to proclaim it!

Municipal Websites can be cool!

With the logo in place, we moved onto their living and breathing online presence. And, that website was a big project. While is portrays the “vibe” of the city, it is not short on information. A blog add-on and events calendar assist with organizing all the information for residents to access at their fingertips. Contact information for various departs, pdf downloads for code enforcement and official information is now easily accessible.

As we mentioned, we absolutely loved this project. Not only do we simply love doing logo + website combos in order to ensure the visual branding remains consistent, but doing so for Beaver Falls, specifically, was incredibly special.

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