The OT Toolbox

Enhancing a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks to improve their quality of daily life is the overall goal of an Occupational Therapist. And OTT was doing just that, both hands-on with clients and through their popular blog. 

But when it came to the website, which housed the blog, things got a bit overwhelming. With so much information to share, the site had become overgrown. Blog posts often contained additional links and downloadables, but since the organization of the site was haphazard and confusing, readers got lost attempting to access the information they were looking for. We were tasked at redesigning a few of the more important pages of their site with organization as a top priority!

Keeping with an OT’s overall goal, Brkich Design Group began redesigning global elements (sections of the site which show up on every page)including a custom mega menu with refined color-coded categories to simplify searching either by Audience (parents, teachers, therapists) or Category (executive function, sensory, fine motor skills, functioning skills, handwriting and vision).  

And to top it off, each of these categories now has their own landing pages on which readers can find links to featured/most popular blog posts, shop products or access free resources that relate to that specific category, contributing to a better organized and accessible online experience.

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