How to Use Creative Package Design to up your Overall Brand Game

“Get noticed on social media!”

“Hand your business card to everyone!”

Doesn’t it seem like everything marketing-related is overly focused on increasing your business’s digital presence? Or, if print marketing is recommended, business cards seem to take center stage without any thought put into creating a cohesive print package? It’s an endless circular scramble between using social media and/or traditional business cards, website graphics vs. posters/flyers, or writing a fantastic blog/newsletter vs. updating e-commerce and package design. 

It’s all good stuff. 

We will never tell you to choose between digital and physical marketing. We have a love for them both!

We love sharing tips on how to up your website game and take the lead on the social media track, but since print marketing isn’t dead, we think it may be time for your business to get creative by expanding your brand to your product packaging! Package design is where it’s at!

Raise your hand if you have ever received a package, only to immediately open and display the contents while filming the unboxing, and then sharing the event on social media for everyone to see.

 “Look what came!” 

Yep. That’s us!! Wouldn’t you LOVE customers to do that with YOUR products and package design? There is nothing like having your customers market your products FOR you!

Why does packaging design matter?

The “Wow” factor is real! 

When an order arrives on a customer’s porch from your business, unique packaging makes them feel like part of a special club! Sure, everyone else is getting their products in the same packaging, but in the receiver’s brain, they are the most important customer at that moment! Don’t believe use? We know someone who “unboxes” her monthly cosmetic subscription on Instagram EVERY month, tagging the business each time. Don’t underestimate the power of custom packaging.

Shopping has changed, has it not? 

While it used to be about wandering the mall, window shopping, and gathering bags (which, yes, print marketing is important there also) we now browse online. Our porches are covered in boxes as we save time and gas for a more efficient shopping experience online. When that box arrives, we are ready for an experience! It feels like a special gift has arrived. And if we can tell right away that it’s from YOUR business? Even better.

Ready to up your e-commerce packaging game?

If we’ve convinced you to rethink your packaging, here are three simple updates you can make to create that “wow” your customers will feel when their order is delivered.

Include your custom branding elements on your shipping boxes.

You’ll be catching the eye of everyone who sees it along the way from the store to its final destination.

Use the space inside and outside the box to further promote your brand.

Why limit your business by only including branding on the outside of your packaging? Hit them again by using tissue, thank you cards, and or other packing materials that reflect your brand.

Plain boxes are {yawn}. Don’t play it safe.

Don’t hesitate to add patterns and prints (that reflect your branding) on packing materials.

That’s a lot! Not sure where to start?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We’ve created several services that take the heavy-hitting out of your hands and help print and digital marketing play well with each other.

And we’ve done so just in time for a summer sale! 

(Hang on. We’ll unbox that in a minute. Wink.)

It’s time for us to unbox our SUMMER SALE! As e-commerce shows no signs of slowing down, we think it’s time for a brand packaging makeover. Never without a solution, BDG has four services to help you create materials that reflect your overall brand – taking that next step in uniting your digital and physical marketing pieces.

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Choose from:

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If you’re experiencing a bit of a summer meltdown in the marketing department… grab one (or all) of our exclusive bundles below, save 15% and enjoy the results.

We know your customers will!

And don’t forget to share the goods with your small business friends!