Make Digital Marketing Work for YOU.

Make Digital Marketing Work for You in 2022!

Regardless of our feelings about it, the influence of digital marketing is projected to continue to grow for small businesses. Whether digital newsletters, blogs, or an online store, perhaps it’s time for your small business to embrace a more consistent digital presence. 

Take social media, for example. This year alone, social commerce buyers in the US have increased by 25.2%, reaching over 80 million!


While we at BDG encourage all small business owners to invest in creating their own websites and building a strong email list (since none of us own Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok and are constantly at their mercy when a social media platform experiences issues), we still gotta embrace it.

How about we all agree that while we may not WANT to embrace digital marketing we’re also missing out on new clients and customers by ignoring it altogether. 

Where’s the balance?

We think we can help.

Listed below are five of our favorite tools to take the pain out of your digital marketing plan. We just love something about each one, so let’s find out how we can:

  1. Post consistently on our preferred social media platforms.
  2. Connect with potential clients and customers.
  3. Retain those relationships.
  4. Organize and save time on social media.
  5. Take control of our social media presence, rather than IT controlling us


Digital Marketing - CinchShare

Website: Click here to visit

Pricing: free 14-day free trial, $10/month after that

Details:  Cinchshare is a central hub for all of your social media and helps to create a consistent posting schedule. Automate your posts by scheduling automatically to Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Instagram Feeds, Twitter and LinkedIn. Save hard-drive storage by uploading all of your media into their Cloud Drive. With the Shared Folders feature, you can manage content for your business and share it with team members, clients and your community. Another perk? TextClips! Save links to your website, blog, host links, hashtags, and other social profiles. Say goodbye to typos and hello to new connections!



WebsiteClick here to visit

Pricing: free to start designing today, $119.99/year for the paid plan

Details: Create, collaborate, and connect with your clients and customers with a few clicks on Canva’s graphic design platform. Create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents, and other visual content. The app includes templates for users to use and includes pre-saved sizes for all of your most popular content needs!


Website: Click here to visit

Pricing: free for up to 2,000 contacts and $10/month after that. Click here for their pricing calculator!

Details: Retain those clients and customers by communicating with them frequently. We encourage all small business owners to build an email list and this is just where it comes in handy! Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service used to manage mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns and automation to send to customers.



Website: Click here to visit

Pricing: completely free, but don’t forget to give credit to the artist!

Details: Quit grabbing those photos from Google—it’s illegal and totally uncool! Unsplash is dedicated to sharing stock photography under the Unsplash license. The website claims over 265,000 contributing photographers on their growing library of over 3.2 million photos. Find the perfect photo on Unsplash. (Wanna know more about how to keep your brand on point with photos for your digital presence? Read this blog on choosing and sizing your website photos!)

Small Business Content Club

Small Business content club

Website: Click here to visit 

Pricing: $295 for 12 months of social media content and design freebies

Details: Are you tired of feeling like you’re failing on social media? We heard you, so we created the Small Business Content Club for YOU. Um, yes. It’s our own signature product that we’ve been creating for an entire year. (Ok, so maybe we’re patting ourselves on the back a bit here – but we think it’s a great tool and will save you time and headaches…we’ve even used it with our own social media clients!) Grab these conversation-starting social media posts written especially for small businesses!

  • Ready-to-use Social Posts
  • 12 Months of Posts, 50+ posts/month
  • Canva Design Templates
  • Photo Ideas & Free Resources
  • Testimonial Training Worksheet
  • Marketing Freebies
  • BONUS – Support Local Marketing Freebies
  • BONUS – Small Business Saturday Freebies
  • BONUS – 12 Seasonal Editable Canva Graphics

We’re not sorry…we just had to slip that one in because we really believe in it!

We hope Content Club and all of these other tools will be of help to you! We want you to feel like a boss in your growing business.

Some tools are free.

Some come with a nominal fee.

But all have allowed us to increase our social media presence without spending hours making it happen! 

And don’t forget to share the goods with your small business friends!

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