5 Musts for Your Holiday Marketing List!

It’s not too late to finish 2018 with a bang!

With an entire quarter left in 2018, we have plenty of time to finish strong! For retail shops, this time of year is the craziest, but often the biggest money maker! So, with a little additional planning in October, you’ll be prepared for the holiday chaos and guaranteed a great wrap-up to the year!

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Our clients will recognize this as my go-to suggestion. Planning an event doesn’t have to be a ton of work or stress. It can be as small as a happy hour, so don’t shy away from this idea. Definitely host at least one larger event like a Holiday Open House and at least one small event each week in December. These events can be as simple as a Ladies Night or add a little flair to your shopping experience such as music or a hot chocolate bar. Some ideas for events that I just shared today with a new client (you know who you are!): Mimosas with Moms, Wine Down Wednesdays, Teaching Nights (Teach literally anything: hair, makeup, decor, cooking, gift wrapping, how to dress, etc. The list goes on and on!)


Your customers shop local because they appreciate your expertise and are looking for a little added value in their shopping experience (among other reasons). Put together a quick Gifting Guide to make their shopping a breeze. Highlight 10 items from your store that will be sure to bring joy to anyone on their list. Share this list on all of your social media channels and be sure to hang it around the store and toss in bags at checkout. Added bonus: This tip is an easy one to track ROI – Return on Investment. You can track sales on those items that are on the list vs. those that aren’t to see if sales are up! Easy peasy!


  • Let’s start simple with greeting customers at the door. Be sure that you train each employee on what you’d like the customer to know and be consistent with that message to be sure each customer is getting the same great shopping experience.
  • Did you know that customers who shop with a basket in hand will spend 25% more and stay about 15 minutes longer in your store? Be sure to provide a basket and watch out for those carrying products without one. Always offer to hold the merchandise at the counter or in the dressing room so they can shop with their hands-free to browse.
  • Bundle similarly themed items together to cross-promote between sections of your store, saving shoppers time and encouraging add-on purchases. Make it fun and easy for your customers by creating themed gifts and items that are well thought out and easily bundled together for a complete gift that’s sure to please.
  • Promote gift cards. Statistics show that 80% of gift card recipients will spend more than the face value of the gift card and 40% will spend twice as much! Be sure to go the extra mile and dress that gift card up for the big presentation. Tuck it into a box with tissue paper and package it with a logo and bow on top. Remember, your brand follows you everywhere, so don’t skip the simple steps.


  • Do you have an email list? Do you use it? Now’s the time. Your customers expect a little more this time of year. Plan to send them an email each week, but they don’t have to be filled with deals. Offer gift suggestions, recipes, holiday party tips, decor ideas and more. Just get in front of them and stay top of mind.
  • Use gorgeous photos in your social media and be sure to add keywords that people will be searching for during the holiday season. And definitely boost posts on Facebook that are must-see for your shoppers.
  • When you do plan an event, be sure to add it as an “Event Listing” on Facebook. This will help you reach a larger audience by allowing your customers to invite their friends and family.


I’m going to go ahead and say it. You, small business owner, can compete with Amazon. Can you compete with them on price and free shipping? Probably not. But, how can you compete? Think about it. You can give your shoppers an amazing experience. Make them feel like Kings and Queens. You can offer free gift wrap. What about free local delivery? If a customer can order on your website during the day and have the package wrapped and delivered to their doorsteps by that evening, wouldn’t that be amazing? You could offer personal shoppers. There are honestly so many ways. And, don’t forget, a little gratitude goes a long way.

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What do our customers say?

“Sometimes people don’t understand how much even ONE of your ideas can really get them “unstuck” and start generating more income and business. But you gave us… what… 30 USEABLE ideas??? It’s hard to see the bigger picture of spending money on marketing advice, but it’s so worth it. It doesn’t matter if I have a great product. If I can’t get it off my shelves and into the hands of those who really want it, there’s no point in having a great product.”

Renee Suhr
Stray Cat Studio

Thanks, Renee! We LOVED working with you and your talented team of artists and powerful women!

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