5 Easy (and Cheap) Ways to Market your Brand New Website

“You gotta see the baby!”

Ok, so maybe you don’t remember this iconic line from Seinfeld, but we sure do . . . every time we help a client launch a new website. We get so excited about our client’s new “baby”, that we are sure to shout it out on social media. And perhaps, you have done the same – offering a big reveal of your new digital digs via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. 

That’s a great start.

But aside from the initial and obvious announcement via social media channels, how else can you give your new website the spotlight it deserves? If you’re not entirely sure how to answer that question, we’ve created a checklist of easy and cheap ways to market your brand new website to your customers, potential customers, and those in your industry, starting with one tip that is often overlooked.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Take some time to research your industry’s keywords and those of your competitors

While many website owners simply start getting eyes on their project by pushing out links on social media, this skips a really important step that should be discussed with your web designer – SEO. Simply put, optimizing your website pages with the keyword phrases people are likely to search will only help you in vying for a top spot on Google, which is the first step in being seen.

The Blog is Back

Now that you have your keywords ready, start writing articles that will get you ranked for them. And it’s a bonus if you can use those blogs to educate your customers.

Truly, blogging never really disappeared, but it did become an urgent priority when the need for digital connection became non-negotiable for business in 2020. Blogging, quite simply, is a way to provide free, original content on your site. Plus, if you just finished reading our first tip, strategic blogging, which makes use of the keywords people search for, should be added to your goal list! Guest-blogging, as well, has also become a great source of helping businesses bring in new customers by collaborating and writing for other sites that then link directly back to your business. (Ahem. We’re utilizing this tip right now . . . )

Hello, Email List

You need an email list simply because you don’t own social media platforms.

While we tend to put so much weight on social media to do the work for us, we have no control over when those platforms will have a meltdown. When that happens, (not IF that happens), business owners who have an email list of customers, clients, industry colleagues, and potential new followers, will only benefit from having a solid email marketing platform through which they can share special announcements, such as, “You gotta see the baby!” Share your new website via email marketing and be sure to link specific pages on your site that you particularly want your readers to see!

Direct Ask

Sometimes all it takes is telling your customers JUST what you need from them.

This is definitely a coachable area for many small business owners who want referrals but are hesitant to ask for them. What’s the worst that can happen if you ask a potential client to check out your website and sign up for your email list while there? What could potentially happen if you hand someone a card with your website prominently displayed? What if they then passed that card and a verbal referral on to someone else? We often have uncommunicated expectations of others who support us, while what we need to do is actually ASK them to check us out and talk us up.

Say it with your Signature

As you pop into their inbox, take the time to guide people to your website or a helpful article.

This tip may feel like a 2×4 moment, but there are so many missed opportunities to market your website in your email signature. Sounds so simple, right? Right! Rather than just ending an email with your name and title, throw in a link to your website – and specifically, even, the page for interested parties to sign up for your email list. Check out this free email signature generator on Hubspot. 

And sure, if we had to give you a 6th easy and cheap way to market your new website, we’d say to share it on social media – but we think you already know that. (And may be relying on it a bit too heavily.)

Need to talk through this a bit? We thought you might. And that is why we’ve created Brkich Design Group’s signature Ask-Us-Anything Strategy Session so you can have another pair of eyes on your site and marketing techniques. 

Wondering if we use the easy and cheap strategies we outlined above?

We just did.

And don’t forget to share the goods with your small business friends!