Type Tips – Abandon Design Confusion and Elevate your Brand with Ease

Type Tips -

It’s time for Typography Talk with BDG! (We love alliteration.) Read below for our quick tips and examples to elevate your designs. From the hierarchy of headlines to alignment suggestions, we’ll have you looking like pros in no time!


This will help your audience clearly decipher levels of importance. It also makes your design more visually pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate and read.


These should be the largest in all your text. You can make them all caps, space them out a bit, or change the color to make them stand out as the most important text on the page.


These should be the second largest. You can style them in all caps, change the color, or italicize them making sure you can still see the contrast between subheadings and the main heading.

If you have a fun, cursive font in your brand style guide, you can use it here as long as the subheading text isn’t too long.

Body Text

This text should be the smallest, yet still extremely legible. You can adjust the leading (distance in between each line of type) to make it easier to read.


Another way to accentuate certain words in a long paragraph is by bolding or italicizing them. This helps draw attention to important words you want to emphasize or call out.

Want to see an example of how it all works together?



When setting your alignment consider the length of your text. Don’t center-align a large body of text. This affects the rag of your text. The rag is the way the text sits on the sides of the paragraph.

Look at the text on the right side of the paragraph below. When you center-align, you get that look on both sides and it makes it hard to read the text. Left-aligned text looks more sophisticated and is easier to read.

Lastly, remember to consider the leading, or line spacing, to ensure legibility. Increasing your text’s leading gives the text a little breathing room and is a super quick way to make it appear more professional. But don’t forget the added bonus of making your text easy to read! Your audience will read longer without straining their peepers!


Follow these simple type tips to keep your audience alert and allow them to enjoy your content easily!

But type isn’t the only important element when considering your full brand. Check out our easy-to-follow step-by-step brand sheet blog. And check out our quick tips for success with your website photos as well!

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