Stone Voiceovers

Stone Voiceovers, a distinguished voiceover company, required a new advertising concept that would resonate across multiple platforms while aligning with the season’s theme of “fresh yet familiar.” The challenge was to design something that would stand out in the saturated market of digital advertising.


The client’s directive was twofold: utilize the existing brand colors (black and gold) or create something entirely different with bright, fun colors. The ad needed not only to capture attention but also to be adaptable to all 17 required ad sizes for different platforms, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.


Embracing the theme, we proposed and developed a bold concept featuring a piece of fruit—a universally familiar yet fresh image. Opting for bright, unconventional colors, we selected an orange as the focal point of the design, diverging from the typical brand palette to ensure the ads would grab viewers’ attention. By incorporating the Stone Voiceovers logomark on a produce sticker placed on the orange and adding water droplets for added freshness, we introduced an element of curiosity and playfulness. This creative twist played a pivotal role in enhancing the ad’s appeal and effectiveness. Don’t have a color palette for your brand? Learn how to create that and more in this free Canva download.


The final design was well-received—standing out for its creative ingenuity and vibrant visuals. The implementation of the fresh orange, complete with realistic water droplets, not only captured the essence of the campaign’s theme but also significantly increased engagement across platforms. The versatility of the ads, adapted into 17 different sizes, ensured consistent visibility and impact, contributing to a successful marketing push.


This project underscored our ability to think outside the box and deliver custom solutions tailored to our client’s unique needs. The decision to go with an atypical color scheme and the custom photography of the orange showcased our commitment to creativity and precision in execution. It was a remarkable opportunity to blend artistic design with strategic marketing to create a truly memorable ad campaign.

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