Shady Side Academy

When Shadyside Academy set out to create their recent annual Philanthropy Report, they had the goal of not only communicating what the school had accomplished during the year but to further inspire their current AND new donors for the following year.

With a theme of “The Future is Bright”, the intention was to create a hopeful outlook, seeing as the worst parts of the 2020 Pandemic were now behind them. 

We set out to create several pieces for this project, including:

  • the report itself in long-print booklet form;
  • a postcard for reunion giving;
  • a fund postcard in their signature colors of blue and gold; 
  • a year-end giving postcard;
  • several Canva templates for year-end giving. 

Design, Test, and Check-In Often

Though the project had two parts making the entire process over six months, we loved that for a larger-scale project. It was nice that the organization already had established brand and visual guidelines in place to build from. That gave us the goal of partnering with them throughout the half-year to be sure the full campaign was launched and running smoothly and as effectively as possible. We could monitor and course-correct as needed to ensure clarity and financial success across the entire campaign.

This package is a wonderful way for current and future donors to stay informed on giving opportunities for Shadyside Academy. And we hope they’ll all agree that “The Future is Bright!”

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