Riverlife – ArtWalk on the Allegheny

Logo Art for the Artists

We rarely get the opportunity to work with a client who already possesses an artsy outlook with the understanding that creating something visual (and highly public) needs to also make sense. But that perfectly describes our client, Riverlife, for their Artwalk on the Allegheny project – and we had a great time creating alongside them!

For the Artwalk, we got to work on the logo and full visual brand (along with a gateway sign for one of the bridge piers) by first taking into account a few very specific goals:

  • The brand needed to convey that the ArtWalk on the Allegheny is an exciting and enticing destination. 
  • Visually, the logo/signage needed to be viewable from a distance (as people are consistently moving when enjoying the trails).
  • The overall presentation of the elements needed to be modern & elegant, (almost ‘museum-like’) and both eye-catching and thought-provoking. 

Creative without being unapproachable

Using these goals we set out to deliver elements that were artsy (and credible, to attract serious artists to install their art on the walk) as well as playful and non-intimidating to be inviting for visitors.

Using an abstract design to represent yellow bridges, blue rivers, and gray paths, we kept it playful by tilting the lines just a bit to reflect a trail. Pairing this with geometric typography then achieves the balance between fun and professional (museum-like).

The accompanying gateway signage, placed on/around the bridge pieces at the beginning of the route stands out while still complimenting the surrounding natural landscape. It’s simple, yet bold enough to be easily read from a distance. 

The final product definitely achieved the aforementioned goals of creating branding that is modern, enticing, friendly, and elegant for the community to enjoy. 

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