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Pro Bono Publico

Pro Bono Publico, Inc.’s mission is to improve their community by capitalizing on the generosity of their fellow Charlotteans. By exposing community members to the rewards of volunteerism, they seek to increase volunteerism in the greater Charlotte area in order to build a stronger and healthier city.


The goal of this project was to get PBP on the map. Their newly formed charitable organization would face potential corporate sponsors and charitable organization partners. Their partners’ missions include alleviating poverty and homelessness, animal care, and mentoring and empowering young people. We need to get people to care and step up to help.

Our Recommendation

Working with a start-up budget, we are always aware of ways to cut corners, not in quality, but in phase one line items. For PBP, we recommended giving functionality to their website that will allow for fewer administrators, extending their budget in the short term as well as the long run. Members could fill out their profiles and office staff would simply “approve” listings instead of having to track photos, bios, and all that data down. We also recommended a simple logo that would allow them to become quickly and widely recognized in the Charlotte area. And, finally, we created stationery items that could pull double duty when connecting with everyone they meet.


Brkich Design Group - Pro Bono Publico
Brkich Design Group - Pro Bono Publico
Brkich Design Group - Pro Bono Publico

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