Meraki Salon

We are always excited to help a small, local business make their mark on a community and that’s just what Meraki, a full-service salon, needed – from scratch!

Though they initially had no supporting colors, patterns, or design elements, they did have their name, Meraki, which means “doing something with soul, creativity, or love”. Using this key definition, BDG began expanding Meraki’s brand by first creating the necessary design elements and patterns along with a unique color palette, which were then utilized in print designs  (business cards and pricing sheet).

It’s always interesting to learn where a brand gets their inspiration, and Meraki is no exception, appropriately using the pink packaging of one of their favorite hair care products as their main brand color. Expanding from there, brand elements of custom, hand-drawn flowers were created and flow together seamlessly with the brand colors. Ultimately, these brand colors and elements represent Meraki’s unique style of offering authenticity, passion, soul, creativity, and love to their clients.

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