Healthcare Support Technologies

When you think of Healthcare Support Technologies, what comes to mind? (Crickets.) HST got the message when they realized they weren’t getting much traffic on their website. Both their generic logo and website needed an overhaul, and we were there for it. All aboard.

Often a storyteller for businesses, we started designing a new logo for HST without a traditional “healthcare” icon, since their name already included that description. As our lead designer, Amy, likes to say, “Show OR tell. Not both.” Instead, inspired by the owner’s connection to sailing with a beloved family member, as well as the connection of how jib sails help increase both the performance and ability of a ship, we knew this imagery would convey a relationship and commitment to their clients. Striking the balance between professional and diligent with fun and progressive, the logo colors of blue, orange, and magenta are raised off the page using geometric patterns reminiscent of sails.

Taking the wheel, BDG also went full-steam ahead updating HST’s website by first suggesting the addition of testimonies on the homepage – to build trust. Additionally, to convey the relationship HST has with those clients, we made sure to include the nautical story which inspired the new logo. Always a fan of hoisting SEO, the site now has a “clients we serve” section giving specific examples of the type of businesses HST serves.

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