When you think of the perfect environment for entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, community leaders and mentors, and apprentices to work and mastermind together, you don’t have to look much further than the B-Hive. Soon to be located in the heart of downtown Beaver Falls, PA, they will offer exactly that: a gathering spot just buzzing with collaboration, innovation, and execution of ideas.

BDG was tasked with designing the logo and full branding suite for this venture. We knew we needed to take a deep look into the hive mind to draw out the creativity and productivity of an actual bee-hive, starting with an abstract bee (yellow and gray to represent the body and wings of this ingenious force of nature). To round out the design, hexagon shapes take on the role of honeycombs and speech bubbles representing community, conversation, and collaboration by all those who visit the B-Hive.

Fast-forward about a year and the Hive is ready to roll. They came back to us for a VIP Design Day and allowed us to help them get their name out there. We supplied

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