Beaver County Chamber of Commerce - Annual Report

Beaver County Chamber of Commerce

The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is integral to the growth of the businesses of our area. Their mission is to prepare, develop, and promote the community for economic growth.

For the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce, the annual report is not just a document but a celebration of the year’s achievements and a crucial communication tool for its stakeholders. Tasked with this important project, our agency set out to design a comprehensive report that was both informative and visually appealing, aimed at highlighting the chamber’s pivotal activities throughout the year.


The primary challenge was to create a document that effectively showcased a wide array of information — from detailed financials and event summaries to listings of board members and staff. More importantly, we needed to spotlight the “Business of the Year” winners in various categories, which was the centerpiece of the report. The challenge lay in presenting this diverse content in a cohesive, engaging, and easily digestible format.


Our approach combined clean, modern design elements with a structured layout to ensure clarity and ease of navigation. We employed a color-coded system to differentiate sections, utilizing the chamber’s brand colors to enhance recognition and aesthetic continuity. For the “Business of the Year” winners, we designed custom pages that featured professional photography, winner interviews, and graphics that reflected each business’s unique attributes and contributions to the community.


The finished annual report was met with enthusiastic feedback from the chamber, its members, and the broader community. President, Jack Manning said “Brkich Design Group has a great balance of technical competency and interpersonal skills that ensures your marketing product will meet or exceed your expectations, and that you’ll thoroughly enjoy the process of getting it done. They are consummate professionals and a joy to work with on projects large and small.”

It successfully highlighted the achievements of the past year and brought well-deserved recognition to the “Business of the Year” winners, enhancing their visibility and prestige. The chamber reported an increase in engagement from stakeholders who expressed appreciation for the accessible and attractive presentation of what could otherwise be dense informational content.


This project was a testament to the power of thoughtful design in transforming standard organizational reports into compelling storytelling tools. It reinforced our commitment to blending functionality with aesthetics to produce not just a document, but a pivotal marketing and communication asset for our clients.

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