Website Maintenance Audit


So you need Website Maintenance? We agree!

But, first, let’s see what sort of shape your website is in.

Staying on top of your website’s latest updates and security patches can be tedious and technical. Our website maintenance plans provide peace of mind that a professional is tending to the technical health of your website. But, before we get that far, we’ll need to assess your site to see if it’s able to be maintained by us. But, don’t worry, we won’t leave you high and dry if it’s not. You’ll walk away with suggestions and marching orders to get your site in tip-top shape.

Each Web Maintenance Audit is informed by research and results in a document that concretely outlines where your website is now and how it can be improved. We will examine and determine:

  1. Your Website’s Theme
  2. Installed Plug-ins
  3. Cleanliness of Code
  4. Structure and Website Build

Then, we will provide you with a website maintenance package suggestion and a handy document with your site info.

Let’s get started!

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