The Cuppa Jo

The Cuppa Jo

Introducing you to Joline Atkins in a sentence or two is a next-to-impossible task, but here goes. Her zest for life and energy around helping her customers succeed is unparalleled. She is planted solidly in your corner during your introduction to a healthy lifestyle and in your commitment to keeping it easy and manageable.


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As I mentioned, Joline is full of energy and excitement in making food and exercise fit into any busy life. Most of the time, Brkich Design Group is there to rally with her and point her in the right direction. She’s very creative and has a lot of ideas herself but we all need a partner to validate them and give them the proper planning and attention sometimes.


We wanted her to have one solid marketing piece that explained her business and pain points of the customer. Going to conferences and passing information through referrals are big in her industry. We recommended a rock solid print piece to keep her message clear as it passed from person to person. The new website we recommended would house information to allow her to onboard clients as well as team members easily and quickly. She is a one-woman show, for now, so we want to make sure the website is working for her as an extra set of hands.

Cindy Split

As a freelancer, I often feel as if I’m moving in 12 different directions in how I communicate with potential customers and clients—almost like wearing an outfit that doesn’t quite match!


Cassie has helped me to streamline my delivery by pulling together all the unique nuances of my business into one common theme. I am thankful, and relieved, for now I feel more polished and professional in my approach.

Joline Atkins, The Cuppa Jo

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Our story working with Joline is a personal one as well. When she moved to Beaver County, PA from Chicago, we became fast friends and business besties. Having someone to bounce ideas off of and sometimes commiserate with is essential to self-employed life. When we work with our coaching clients, we quickly find ways in which we can fill the gaps and provide skills that don’t come as easily to them. Excitement for business is not one of her shortcomings, so we helped her to wrangle those ideas and organize them into mini marketing campaigns or focused bursts of advertising.

Need an ear? We have two!

Over the years, we have helped her put together a course for more passive income as well as create team member portals and email automations to make running her business and team a cinch. We even put together a way to track potential business. She’s a “put it on paper” kinda gal, so we made the tracker fit into her journal that she carried everywhere…making it hard to fail!

Biz besties fo’ life!

On a personal level, Jo and Cassie have created a small mastermind of local business owners who meet and keep each other accountable on a quarterly basis. Finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with people you can trust and be transparent with is essential to small business development and growth. What will be next for her? And us? Whatever we dream up!

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