Beaver County Bar Association

When it’s time to create an entirely new website, we appreciate a client like the Beaver County Bar Association (BCBA). Not only were they incredibly organized, making for a smooth process, but when it came to feedback, we always knew exactly how they felt because they were clear, detailed, and engaged for the entire project.


A brand new website can be a daunting task. BCBA’s required the following:

Objection! Sustained!

We eliminated unnecessary pages (from the old site). And helped determine what info should remain on each page for the new site.

Counselors, approach the Bench.

From the Bench to the Bar, finding current members is now easy as pie on their site.

You have the right to an attorney.

We simplified the Attorney Referral Plugin by designing and developing a new one! It’s also easier to find on the site and definitely able to be maintained internally by their staff.


The main colors for the site have all been updated and refreshed and are more consistent with the logo on the new site. We even expanded the color palette by adding some complementary colors (tan, dark navy, gray, etc.), while completely replacing the original maroon. 

Case dismissed!

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