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We’re a small business and we totally get that keeping a business going, let alone growing, can be exhilarating one day and exhausting the next.

Since our launch in 2005, you could say we’ve been around the block…a couple thousand times. We’ve worked with amazing, ambitious business owners and teams who work hard to achieve their goals but come up short on time and solutions, especially when it comes to web design, branding and marketing.

The reality is we all need a little help.

Enter Brkich Design Group.

Our team of clever, courageous creatives and strategists are here for you – ready to roll up our sleeves and tackle everything from logo design and WordPress websites to marketing and coaching. With Brkich Design Group as a partner, you can count on outstanding design and streamlined marketing solutions delivered with passion and simplicity. 

The power of passion and simplicity

On a micro level, we love what we do and we get excited about applying our talent, expertise and imagination to help businesses nail their goals. On the macro level, we believe that your success helps build vibrant communities. And we really want to help you do that because we’re passionate about both business and community.

We also believe in making your life a little easier as we prime your business for growth by bringing power and simplicity to your marketing tools and game plan. So, we’ll be by your side to dig right in, work through complexities, and provide solutions that are effective and streamlined.


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Nice to meet you.

I started Brkich Design Group in 2005 to bring great design and creative marketing to small businesses like yours.

From one small business owner to another, I totally get all the hats we have to wear. And some days it’s hard enough to keep a business going, let alone growing.

So at Brkich Design Group, we provide branding solutions that empower you to take your business to the next level — whether it’s creating unique marketing materials, a logo you can be proud of, or an awesome website that works like an extra employee.

As your creative partner, you can count on us to bring fresh ideas and find the right approach for your goals and budget. And we’ll probably have a little fun along the way.

We’re committed to helping you succeed. Not just because you’re a rockstar, but we believe that your success encourages others around you and helps to elevate the entire community. For us, that’s what it’s all about.

– Cassie Brkich

Video by the very talented Megan Bowers of Pictory Productions.

Photos were taken during the shoot by the amazing Cara Rufenacht Creative.

Meet The Team


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Cassie Brkich, Owner, Brkich Design Group


Amanda Schoedel, Lead Developer, Brkich Design Group

Lead Developer

Amy Schaffer, Lead Designer, Brkich Design Group

Lead Designer

Valerie Kulbersh, Account Director, Brkich Design Group

Account Director

Our Work

At Brkich Design Group, we’re proud of our diverse portfolio of clients that includes everything from toy stores and technology, to cafes and consignment shops, to fashion boutiques, and many more. We push you outside your comfort zone and get you dreaming big, then we help you make those dreams a reality.

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Our Work

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